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Credit Spread Compression 'Softens' the Impact of Rising Rates

March 9, 2021

For much of the past year, we’ve seen long-term interest rates go down and Covid-19 numbers go up. That trend reversed itself dramatically in February, with coronavirus infection rates continuing to decline from their January peak, and interest rates finally topping their pre-pandemic high. The first trend is obviously great…

GameStop Saga & Interest Rate Jump Highlight a Wild January

February 11, 2021

Though the challenging year of 2020 finally ended, the first month of the New Year was no big improvement. As expected, coronavirus case numbers continued to rise, and the long-awaited vaccine rollout was fraught with problems. Meanwhile, new strains of the Covid-19 virus emerged and—even as a new presidential administration…

Now is the Right Time to Reassess Your Risk Tolerance

November 10, 2020

By the time you read this, we probably still won’t know for sure who the president will be for the next four years—and we may not know until Thanksgiving or Christmas. What will the answer mean for the financial markets? No one knows right now. However, history tells us that…

With Markets Holding but the Virus Still Spreading, What’s Next?

August 27, 2020

In last month’s newsletter, I noted that July could be a pivotal month for the coronavirus crisis and the economy, and it was. Two big questions were answered: will spiking Covid-19 cases slow the economic reopening, and can the financial markets remain stable despite that slowdown when faced with hard…

Market May Keep Building Up, Blowing Off ‘Froth’ for Some Time

July 6, 2020

July could be a pivotal month in the coronavirus crisis for many reasons. With the infection rate spiking in several states as June ended, we’ll find out whether these outbreaks can be contained without a major setback to reopening efforts nationwide. By mid-August, we should also see the release of…

After a Calmer April, the Market is Offering a Gift to Those Who Need It

May 7, 2020

In this month’s newsletter, I’d like to share some important things to keep in mindas the economy progressively reopens in the weeks ahead—or attempts to. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been sharing information to keep you updated on the financial markets and the status of your investments. In this…

Disagreement Deepens Between Stock Market and Logical Bond Market

February 14, 2020

Recently I pointed out that the current blow-off top rally happening on Wall Street is a good illustration of why the bond market is said to be smarter than the stock market. The stock market—which is driven mainly by emotion and animal spirits—has continued to soar since late October despite…

2020 Market Forecast: Blow-Off Top Could Last All Year Before Reality Hits

January 16, 2020

020 Market Forecast: Blow-Off Top Could Last All Year Before Reality Hits! In last month’s newsletter, I noted that the stock market rally that began in November and continued through the end of the year had all the earmarks of a classic blow-off top, which is a period of fairly…

Women and Retirement

October 14, 2019

Embracing responsibility as financial decision-makers Women today, whether single, married, widowed, or divorced seek ways to empower themselves and each other. This is especially true for finances and retirement planning. Women are taking ownership of money matters, asking tough questions, and making the choices that are best for their situations.…

Not Having a Plan B!

May 17, 2019

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Financial Meltdown of 2008, we cannot help but realize that we might be in a similar juncture in the story of the US economy. It literally feels like déjà vu, as if it is picking up where it left off. If history is any indication…



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